Financial Literacy Project (NJBLFLiP)

Goals And Mission Statement

This site is set up to assist volunteers and presenters in preparing programs and presentations to students on various financial literacy subjects.

Please also feel free to visit the Care Program website,

If you are an educator or interested in one of our programs, please contact Steven R. Neuner or John Hargrave

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How Can I Request A Program For My School/Institution?

Complete the Request Form and submit to one of the following regional area coordinators by clicking on the region and their name below:

What’s New

Our program has received national attention through an article in the Fall 2008 issue of NABTALK, the Journal of the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees. (To read the article, click here).

Our program has been improved, largely through the efforts of Robert Cooper, Permanent Law Clerk to the Hon. Judith H. Wizmur, Chief Bankruptcy Judge. He has revised and expanded our Powerpoint Presentation. (To view the latest version, click here )

We have worked closely with other organizations, especially the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education to help promote financial literacy. We have given educational programs at several colleges and universities in New Jersey, as well as at conferences and symposia sponsored by the Coalition. We have also worked with the Rutgers-Camden Law School Street Law Project.

We have a color brochure about our program available to interested sponsors.