Who We’ve Helped

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NJBLF deeply appreciates the support we’ve received over the past fifteen years. Starting with relatively modest fundraising efforts at the outset, the Foundation now operates with a six-figure annual budget. Over the years, we have given out more than $600,000 in grants from various programs.

Recipient Testimonial

“Your news of this totally unexpected and selfless generosity has me really at a loss for the proper words to describe how what you have done to help me. The effort and empathy and hard work on your part, well, it is more kindness then I have experienced in several years. I never expected this and your surprise during this very difficult time for me, well, I am so very appreciative and thankful to you and for all your hard work and for listening to me with such compassion.

I want you to know that you have given me hope, hope that I was beginning to think did not exist for me. I realize this is not going to be the outcome for all my problems but that you took the time and energy to help me is just about the most kind thing anyone has done for me. I will never forget how you have helped me and just know that what you have done for me, will never be forgotten!”

The NJBLF grant program consumes the lion’s share of the NJBLF budget. It has provided grants to hundreds of worthy applicants during the past decade. Here are just a few of the people that the NJBLF has helped in recent years:

  • We assisted with rental arrears for a 37 year old physically disabled woman, who must constantly utilize a wheelchair to get around, she is the mother of 3 minor children. With our assistance in the rent arrears, we were able to keep her and her children in their home.
  • We assisted a 60 year old woman who suffers from agoraphobia from getting her gas shut off. She had no family to assist her and the gas bill became high during the winter months. Legal services was able to her disability benefit to help pay her utilities in the future. But our assistance of $530.00 prevented the utilities from being shut off.
  • We assisted a disabled veteran with his back rent with a $900.00 grant. The disabled veteran was mugged and robbed while he was carrying cash to pay his rent, as he didn’t have a bank account. He received assistance from Veterans of Foreign Affairs and Gi-Go, but our grant paid the balance and avoided him from being evicted.
  • We assisted a 35 year old divorced mother of 2 daughters who were homeless for 8 months prior to finding a small apartment. Our grant of $600.00 assisted her to obtain beds for her daughters and herself since the apartment came unfurnished.